VisiSonics's Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF) Participation Study

VisiSonics, a UMD spin out and the leader in all things 3D audio, is seeking students and faculty to come to their lab and participate in researching the next advancement in 3D audio: personalization. The HRTF portion is limited to a one time only participation, however, if you have already participated in that portion, there is a follow-up trial (THX) now available.

Participants will receive a $10 Chipotle gift card in exchange for approximately 20 minutes of their time. Sign up below!

This event takes place on the College Park campus in the Technology Advancement Program (TAP) Building (387 Technology drive) in suite 3107.
In case GPS has trouble finding the building based on the address, the TAP building is positioned in between the Biomolecular Sciences Building and the farm.

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